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Pottery At Home  


Thank you for purchasing 'The Ottershaw Potter' terracotta clay.

Please take a look at my 'How to Do' videos for project ideas:

The 'Important Do's and Don'ts' video is particularly helpful with the practicalities of working with clay. Further inspiration can be found by clicking on the 'Your Creations' link, with a gallery of work completed by all ages!

Please bring back your finished creations before they're completely dry. This will make transportation easier and also enable me to check that all joins are strong enough to survive the firing. If you are not able to return them straight away, please keep them wrapped in plastic.

Please message me to arrange returning the pieces, I'm home most of the week, (including weekends and evenings). I will dry them out and let you know when they've been fired and are ready for collection. Once fired, they are suitable for both indoor or outdoor use, and they can be painted with acrylic paints if desired.

Please note that the clay needs to be stored in a sealed bag so it stays soft. Please return any dried out unwanted clay for recycling.

Please do let me know if you need any help or advice, I look forward to firing your creations!



Tel: 07709 949819 / 01932 874253



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